Simkarte mit Daten & Telefonie für Ihre Reise ins Ausland


Orders & Shipping

1. What are the technical requirements for my device to use products?
2. How long before my trip will I need to place my order?
3. Versanddauer & Kostenfreie Lieferung
4. How secure is shopping at
5. Why I do not get an order confirmation?
6. Where can I find the instructions on how to set up my device?

Payment information

1. What payment options are there?
2. Are there any follow-up costs when using products?

General information on SIM cards and devices

1. How can I top up the balance on my card?
2. What SIM card size am I supposed to order for my device?
3. Is it possible to use a Micro-SIM-Card in a device that has a standard-SIM slot?
4. Are you offering SIM-cards in the Nano size as well?
5. Can I return a recently topped up call balance?
6. If my balance is depleted, will I be able to continue surfing at a reduced speed?


1. Is an online shop or a mobile network operator?
2. When was founded?

Details per cuntry for all our SIM cards

1. US Coverage
2. Denmark Coverage
3. UK Coverage
4. Ireland Coverage
5. Italy Coverage
6. Netzabdeckung in Österreich
7. Sweden Coverage