Simkarte mit Daten & Telefonie für Ihre Reise ins Ausland

Free sim card for refugees in Germany

Every day we see refugees arriving in Europe and in Germany. They have nothing with them – only what they could carry during their dangerous and tough trip.

It is important to us from that these people get help. The institutions in Germany help, but they are often understaffed for the amount of refugees who currently arrive. Many local help initiatives do great work and support the refugees with clothes, food, places to stay, medical help, translation services or support them through the bureaucratic jungle.

beachSIM wants to help as well – and helps with what we deliver as our core business: We give away free sim cards for refugees and to institutions that help the refugees.

  • The smartphone is the most important companion of the refugees. They need it for all sorts of communication. In Germany, often times the right sim card is not there and the knowledge about the right tariffs / bundles is missing.
  • Our sim cards are prepared for instant use with the best bundles – mostly a capable, mobile internet connection is key to call home via Whatsapp, Viber, or Skype. At the same time our sim cards allow calling a mobile in Syria for 9 ct/Minute.
  • A manual in English explains hands-on everything the user needs to know. Manuals in Arabic to follow soon. We give our sim cards to individual refugees, as well as to institutions to distribute further to refugees

The people need to call home and see how their friends and family are in times of civil war, and terrorism regimes. They want to tell their families that they have arrived and how they are. We from help them. On top – whatever we earn on top-up commission etc. on these sim cards we donate to local initiatives. We work with various aid organizations to distribute the free sim card to refugees in need.

Get a free sim card for refugees in Germany here.

You can help as well: If you know someone who needs a free sim card, please let us know. And please share our offer to make it known that many institutions contact us to get a free sim card for refugees in Germany.

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