Simkarte mit Daten & Telefonie für Ihre Reise ins Ausland

How to activate and register a Lebara Australia prepaid SIM

This is the way how you activate your Lebara Australia SIM card:





1. Go to and kick on „activate“ in the sho
2. Type in your phone number and the last for digits of you SIM Number (ICCID)
3. On the next page you decide for a plan. You’re able to decide later. Therefore you’ve to klick on „Stay on Standard Plan“. Click now on „next“
4. ow type in your personal data. Your birthday will be your temporary password later. Your „contact phone“ could be your new Lebara number.
5. Type in now your adress. (If you don’t have one, use the adress of your hotel)
6. As ID Type you choose „I do not have ID on me“
7. Now you can check your datas. If everything is correct, click on „Activate“

You have activated your SIM successfully. In the following stepts you register your SIM:

1. Click in the top right corner on „MyLebara“
2. Type in your Lebara phone number and your birthdate in the following format: ddmmyy
3. If you have done this, you will be asked for changing your password.
4. You’re now registered for MyLebara

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