Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go

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“750 MB data & 300 minutes”, or “1250 MB data & 300 minutes” in Slovakia, all prepaid, no hidden cost, Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go, SIM-Lock free device needed.


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Product Description

This Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go includes 750 MB / 1,25 GB data, as well as 300 free minutes within Europe and is valid for 30 days after your selected preferred date (see above).

  • The 750 MB / 1,25 GB mobile internet of this Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go can be used in ALL European countries (see detailed list below).
  • The 300 free minutes of this Slovakia Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go can be consumed also in and to ALL European countries and can be used for fixed line as well as cell phone calls.
    • E.g. you can call 300 minutes for free from Slovakia to Paris or Budapest, or from Brussels to Rome, or from Majorca to Munich.
    • Certainly calls within the European countries are for free, e.g. Berlin to Munich or from to a German or Italian cell phone
    • All incoming calls (no limits) are free and without charge in ALL European countries
    • You will have a German phone number

This Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go can be used in the following, 31 (!!!) European countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus

This Slovak pay-as-you-go sim card is perfect for a 4 weeks tour through Europe. In all countries this Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go can be used for mobile internet and calls and text messaging.

Together with the Slovakia pay-as-you-go sim card you receive a detailed and easy-to-understand manual from what internet settings you need etc. No activation via text message or topping up or whatsoever is needed.

Works with all iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and UMTS sticks/3G Modems.
Device must not have SIM- or net lock.

Voice over IP (Skype, Sipgate), P2P and Tethering officially not included. But you can try and it might work.

Coverage of this Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go:

This Slovak Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go uses the E-Plus network in Germany with 4G/LTE speed. In the other European countries it uses partner networks, basically the one which is available. So you always will have coverage where some provider provides access.

Recharging the Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go:

This Slovakia pay-as-you-go sim card can be recharged with the same bundle (750 MB and 300 free minutes) within 12 months from your order date. For instance, you can use it in summer in Slovakia and in winter for skiing in Austria, and in-between on a business trip to Germany.

More data and mobile Internet for your Slovakia prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go within 30 days:
If 750 MB are not sufficient for you, you can recharge 500 MB within the 30 days of the booked tariff bundle (10 EUR) as often as you want. You receive an SMS/text message when the 750 MB are used up, then you can top-up (all on the manual) and recharge the mobile internet.

Fast mobile internet with full cost control – no surprising invoices after your trip abroad!


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