Spain pay-as-you-go sim card

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15,8099,90 (incl. VAT)

  • Up to 24 GB data
  • Data & voice bundles up to “12 GB & 3000 minutes & texts”
  • Automatic sim activation when you insert the sim
  • Plan / bundle starts with inserting the sim
  • Pay-as-you-go sim – no long contract, full control over your cost
  • No expensive roaming charges
  • Very good network coverage
  • No personal customer data given to mobile carrier
  • Works in all GSM capable and unlocked devices

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Spain pay-as-you-go sim card prepaid – Mobile internet & voice & text messages

This Spain pay-as-you-go sim card prepaid works in the whole of Spain including the Balearic islands (Majorca) and the Canary islands (Tenerife, Gomeira, Fuerte Ventura).

The 30-day bundle of the Spain pay-as-you-go sim card starts with inserting it in your device. This Spanish sim card activates itself automatically . Should you decide to use the Spain sim card not on the trip you intended it for, you can still use the Spain sim card and the ordered bundle within the next 3 years simply by putting into your phone or tablet or router.

Together with this Spain pay-as-you-go sim card you get a detailed manual on how to use this sim card for Spain from beachSIM. We offer free shipping for this Spain prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go.

Our Spanish sim cards work with all current GSM capable phones or tablets or routers, e.g. iPads, Android Phones, Windows phones, and UMTS sticks/3G Modems (Mifis). However, these devices must not be sim-locked.

Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp and navigation apps will work perfectly during your trip to Spain. Despite a different sim with another phone number you can continue to use Whatsapp as before, and your friends will still see and find you with your usual, known phone number.

When you buy this Spain pay-as-you-go sim card you will have no further cost than the purchase price in our shop. Also, no personal information will be given to the Spanish mobile carrier. Compared to buying a Spain PAYG sim card yourself in Spain, our service is really easy. In Spain, you would otherwise need your passport for registration in an official shop, and then you would usually need to top up a certain Euro amount from which you then would book a bundle via a specific text message. Not only will you have to give your full personal details with a sim card in Spain, but also have to speak Spanish in a telecom shop, and have the trouble to do the bundle booking 100% correctly. We recommend to use our very easy service.

The network coverage of this Spain pay-as-you-go prepaid sim card is very good. The sim card can use all networks within Spain.

Data plans for Spain sim card pay-as-you-go:

  • You have a data high-speed bundle for mobile internet in Spain.
  • After having used up the respective data volume of this Spain data plan you cannot use data unless you top up the sim card. In doubt how much data you will need, we recommend the next higher bundle type.
  • With this Spain pay-as-you-go prepaid sim card you cannot use tethering resp. create a “personal hotspot” from your device. Nonetheless, our Spain data sim card works perfectly in routers, mifis, and data USB sticks.
  • The speed of this Spain data sim card allows 7,2, Mbit with 3G/UMTS.
  • If you select a pure data bundle, you cannot use the sim for regular phone calls. Certainly, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime etc. can be used without problems via your data allowance of this Spanish prepaid sim card.
  • When ordering the 24 GB bundle for 60 days, you will receive two sim cards with 12 GB for 30 days each.

Phone calls, free minutes & text messages with this Spain prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go:

The free minutes in the offered bundles may be used for calls to all EU (European Union) phone numbers (fixed lines and cell phones) as well as for calls of Swiss and Norwegian phone numbers.
Incoming calls are free with this Spain calling card , the caller might have higher charges as he is calling a UK phone number. Therefore, we recommend to call back from your free minutes if it is an EU caller or to use Whatsapp for calling back any US, Canadian or Australian phone numbers. On top of the free minutes, you have 3,000 free text messages in your bundle.

How to top up the Spain prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go?

Topping up this Spain sim card is complicated. Due to that, we do not offer this service. We describe in our manual how you can top this sim card up yourself within 2 months after initial activation.

No roaming charges with your Spain pay-as-you-go sim card:

Since mid of 2017, roaming fees within the EU (European Union) – without Switzerland – have been newly regulated. Bundles of minutes and data that are vaild in one EU country may also be used in any other EU country. However, there are some pitfalls in this regualtion where roaming stills costs. To name a few: Some carriers exclude roaming completely, or they set fair use policies for using the sim abroad that are very unattractive. Others exclude countries like Norway; Switzerland is never included in this EU roaming agreement. These problems you will not have with this Spain pay-as-you-go sim card without roaming charges. More on the Roaming regulation of the European Union you find on Wikipedia.

Questions and answers on our Spain prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go

In case of questions please use our contact form or read in the tab above the customer questions answered by us .
We are proud to have many satisfied and long-term customers – in the tab above you can read experiences with the Spanish sim card of our customers.

We wish you a wonderful trip through Spain!

2 reviews for Spain pay-as-you-go sim card

  1. 5 out of 5


    3 weeks of vacations in Spain and everytime the possibilty to speak with my family and friends at home because of the 1250 mb & 300 minutes sim card. My friends and family could phone me gratis because I had an german mobile number.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Really good price for this sim card. The internet worked very fast and my children were happy. Practical for our family trip!

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