Refill balance of US prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go

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US prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go – Voice & up to 12 GB data in the AT&T network


US phone number *

Please fill in the US phone number we shall top up and which you received from us.

Preferred date for activation of bundle *

Please fill in the preferred date for the starting bundle (e.g. your first day abroad). Please write the full month (e.g. 01 June 2015). We ship the item directly after your order and activate the bundle remotely for you.

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Product Description

Refill balance of US prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go

Here you can refill your H2O Wireless US prepaid sim card again.
IMPORTANT: We can only book a new bundle onto your sim if the last top-up is at most three months back. The top-up would be the preferred date you asked us to actiavte the bundle when you innitially bought the sim.

Explanations on the different bundles for the USA Prepaid SIM card pay as you go (each valid for 30 days):

  • Data bundles with high-speed LTE / 4G of 500 MB up to 3 GB.
    After these volumes you can still use the internet at slower GPRS transfer rates.
  • Voice and text messages free to all US phone numbers
  • No charges for incoming calls (not from US, nor from international lines)
  • Free calls to international fixed lines* to 50 countries, e.g. Canada, UK, China, Japan, Hongkong and all European countries incl. Switzerland. The complete list of the 50 countries with free international fixed line calls you find here –> list of countries with free fixed line calls.
  • Additionally you have 20 $ credit for international calls to mobile networks, in the 500 MB bundle you have 10 $ of credit.
    Exemplary usage options for 20 $ credit:

    • around 70 minutes calling a German cell phone
    • 110 minutes calling an Austrian cell phone
    • Detailed calling rates you find in this table.
  • 100 free text messages to international mobile phones
  • Very good data quality at LTE / 4 G high-speed which rolls over to next month if you prolong your bundle

This USA Prepaid SIM card pay as you go can be used with all current smartphones and tablets. Your device must not have a sim lock.

Skype and Whatsapp may be used with this USA Prepaid SIM card pay as you go.

This US prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go can be used in mifi’s/mobile routers – but only at slow 2G speeds. We do not recommend this.

Tethering (Usage of smartphone or tablet as personal hotspot:
– In Android devices it works mostly but we do not guarantee that.
– In Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) it does not work. In US this is true for almost all providers for Apple devices.

With the price for this USA Prepaid SIM card pay as you go you have paid everything you need for the US trip – no further cost for using voice or data.

You enjoy the best network coverage in the US AT&T network with 4G / LTE high-speed.

* Voice flat to international fixed lines: This is valid for first 10 int’l fixed line numbers you call. Those numbers can be called flat over-and-over again within first 30 days. From 11th int’l fixed line number onwards usual rates apply.



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